Beyma CD-314Fe/Ti

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● Next generation high performance 1,4” (36 mm) exit
compression driver
● Deplocex® Patent Pending Technology for improved
thermal disipation, low power compression losses and
high power handling
● 3” (76,2 mm) Copper Clad Aluminum voice coil with
Nomex former
● 260 W program power above 1,2 kHz
● Sensitivity: 109 dB (1W / 1m)
● Exclusive Titanium dome and surround desing optimized with
F.E.M for linear and extended response with minimized
● Copper shorting cap for reduced distortion, linear inductance
and increased output
● Propietary design of metal alloy phase plug with F.E.M
optimized geometry and improved assembly design
● F.E.M. optimized ceramic magnetic circuit
● Aluminium cover


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